Streaming Cost Will Rise If Net Neutrality Dies

The following was first posted here on April 6, 2006.

Not sure if the radio industry is paying attention to this, or if you've heard the term "net neutrality" before. If not, it's time to get it into your vernacular and start making noise.

In short, net neutrality guaranties internet costs stay the same for all businesses. Without net neutrality, those controlling access to the internet - ISPs - will charge higher rates to those who use more bandwidth.
Not your concern you say? If you operate an internet-only radio station, or a terrestrial station that streams, you better make it your concern.

Net Neutrality is Needed
Until now MSN, Google, Yahoo!, and all those other high-power internet based companies have not been able to defeat the lobbying efforts of AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast, and the ect.'s of the telecom world. The latter group is spending at more than a 3/1 ratio for congressional ears, which means it's time for the public to get involved.

We won't get into the details about this net neutrality fight here because it is a complex issue that started with former FCC Chief Michael Powell, and was adjusted by former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler (who righted Powell's pro-corporate mandate). Powell is now president of the trade association the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. Talk about paybacks.

The warning I will take time for is that, unless you get involved notifying your Washington reps that you want net neutrality to remain, and place a similar warning for the public to respond on your web site, Republicans are going to give internet service providers the power to charge more to stream an online station.

Contact Congress here. Contact Senators here.

Net neutrality will dissolve if this battle is lost, and the cost of online streaming will skyrocket - that will be no good for anyone but big business.

For more try this, which appeared at Audio Graphics June 17, 2008: Pay As You Byte Not Good for Radio or TV

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