The only continuous survey of radio's online audience... in progress since 2002.

1,010 online radio listeners responded to Survey 47.
Survey completed: February 26, 2010

Survey 47 Topics: Education
Finding Online Stations
Household Income

Survey 47 respondents are 75.1% male, and 24.7% female.

Note: Relative to the U.S. population,
and due to a number of popular "oldies" and "jazz"
stations running this survey, a disproportunately high
number of response was generated from the 55+ demo.
27.1% responding were male, 55+,
5.3% were female 55+.
52.7% of respondents were between 18-49 years old.

We are in the process of soliciting radio formats
to bring respondent demos in-line with the population
at large.

I have completed the following education....

It has long been accepted that the online radio audience is highly educated. Consistent with years past, Survey 47 results confirm this trend; 63.8% of respondents claim a college or post graduate degree.

Education has been a long-standing question on these Audio Graphics online radio listener surveys. Here is a comparison between audience members holding a high school degree and those with a college or post graduate degree, since 2001.

What most helps you find new Internet radio stations?

Search engines continue to excel in helping people find internet radio stations, 31.3% of respondents favor this method (up from 24.9% in 2005). Still in second place is the use of Radio Station Portal web sites like Audio Graphics' RadioRow, which are used by 22.2% of those answering.

Survey 47 Participating Stations:

Acoustic Alternative
The Band House Live
Black Light Radio
Broadcast Net
Bzo0 Radio
Caribbean Vibes Radio
Christian Mix Inet
City Sounds Radio
Chronix Radio
Club One Radio
Comedy 104
The Detour
Girls Rock Radio
Hope Radio Online
HotMix 106
KC Café Internet Radio

MRS 90.5
NAB Radio
Oldies 104
Prog Palace Radio
Pop Rock 80s
ProgRock Metal
Radio Row
Radio X Network
The Bluegrass Mix
The Oldies Channel
The Wolf Radio
TimeZone Radio
WRPS Radio
Wonderland Vide Radio
Z100 Europe

Surveys are branded to the serving station.
See Survey 48


Survey respondents were asked
Your annual household income averages...

Comparing answers from this year's Survey 47 to Survey 30, taken March-April 2005, there is an 8.7% increase in listeners who live in households earning over $50,000 annually.

Audio Graphics started this internet radio listener survey system in 2002. It is the only continuous surveying of the internet radio audience, and is currently conducted with oversight from leading research firm Borrell Associates.

With a fluxuating line-up of stations, covering a variety of formats, the demo breakouts do not exactly reflect that of the U.S. population. Answers, though, are coming directly from active internet radio listeners. Respondents may not vote more than one time in each survey but may answer questions in as many surveys as they like.

For more information: Ken Dardis

Consider having your station serve this
Audio Graphics/Borrell Associates survey.

Survey-serving stations share the data, and they help internet radio establish a baseline for comparing its value to other media.

We ask 3 questions; after receiving 1,000+ responses, 3 different questions are then displayed.

Each survey is branded to the serving station.

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