Big Data Is So Yesterday

I believe it was 2002 when I met with Metro Networks CEO Chuck Bortnick to discuss his company selling internet ads.

Though I wouldn't call us friends, Chuck had been GM at Cleveland's WMMS in 1989 when I was GM of the local Metro office, and David Saperstein (my boss) asked me to set up a meeting between the two of them. Going into the 2002 meeting I hoped that little bit of past would help my argument, but no luck there. Chuck wanted to continue selling radio commercials and nothing more. It was what radio did. There was no time for digital.

The above occurred five years after this web site was launched. I was sure the internet was a game changer for broadcasters, and set out to understand all that I could to help broadcasting change.

What I found was that by 2004 you still couldn't convince anyone in radio that the internet was real, or on the verge of pilfering radio's audience and revenue.

Today "digital" is a buzzword. The future is as big an opportunity as a decade ago, and it appears that we continue hearing great things about what the radio industry is going to do with digital. "Going to do." Not "has done."

After decades in radio & TV, and 23 years working with computers and software, I started AG in 1991 to make radio and television commercials. (Hear a short spec.) I don't do that anymore. Demand has dropped for broadcast commercials, an action I saw coming in 1997 when Audio Graphics put up the first iteration of this web site.

Digital was opportunity from the start so, in addition to AG, I built an "indie artist to internet radio station" pipeline. This last item continues to hold my interest. All else, not so much.

January 14, 2015 marked 19 years of discussing (on this web site) about how the internet affects broadcasting. Since the beginning I wrote thousands of articles instructing proper digital techniques embraced by my clients: companies heavily involved in SEO, search marketing, analytics, and data management.

This is Audio Graphics' new web site. It's the fifth redesign in 19 years, the only way to keep pace with changing technology that's now moving beyond Big Data.

Audio Graphics runs two other web sites besides this one: RRadio Music and RadioRow. Every byte of code, every word, every picture on each was created by me as part of my internet education. Ditto on all JavaScript forms, email lists, data base and analytics spreadsheets. My past was spent learning a variety of software code from world class programmers. I've kept watch on what broadcast radio continues to avoid, too.

Funneling free indie artist programs and songs to online radio stations is my 2015-and-beyond. There will also be commentary on how musicians and online radio station programmers may use the Net to its full potential.

Songs, new artist music programs, and promotion tips for using digital are in front of everyone. Which means that these continue to be exciting times and, if it's fun and educational, I'll be sharing them here.

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