Alternatives, Opinions, Access, Interaction

Of the 650 words appearing in "1,000 Salespeople Called This CEO a Jerk" at Linkedin, these four hold the power: alternatives, opinions, access, interaction.

I suggest you read the article. In it, Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha!, explains how the sales process has changed. Paraphrased, his message is that the "We sell. They buy." approach doesn't work anymore.
The four words (alternatives, opinions, access, and interaction) come from different areas in his comments. They strike me as representing what selling needs to become for radio station operators and musicians: "They Search. We serve."

So goes marketing and sales.

Consumers have alternatives, so they set out to uncover one that matches their needs. It's relatively easy with the internet's search and find backbone.

What you sell doesn't matter. You have an unprecedented ability to place yourself in front of people who are looking for your service or product. (This concept is way past the "open-the-phonebook-and-call" your local dry cleaners to advertise on the station, or play a gig and have 50 groupies in the crowd.)

Audio Graphics' readers are inclined to be musicians or operators of radio stations; meaning, the former need to connect with fans and stations, while the latter want fans and advertisers.

Alternatives, opinions, access, and interaction! When a potential client, fan or listener uncovers your name online, it's usually going to be one of many names presented. Winning this "alternative" fight is imperative, especially with so few legacy names in the online market.

Opinions are formed after the meet and greet (provided you survived as the "alternative" choice). If the chooser goes past their entry point - which may be any page on your web site - what opinion is formed of you? Much of their opinion has to do with our next word.

Access is easy when choice is minimized. You want to operate online? Get used to creating your online presence in a breadcrumb fashion. People don't read but skim, and are looking for words that answer what THEY need. That's the only door an individual person is interested in.

With consumers, interaction is the final word. I'm not a social butterfly, but every person who contacts Audio Graphics gets a response - or is led to some form of interface that delivers what they seek. The phone just can't ring unanswered anymore. Metaphorically for online that means "They ask. You answer." Now!

The basics of selling have changed. So goes marketing and sales today: alternatives, opinions, access, and interaction.

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