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Tuesday, October 19, 2006
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Will Peter Smyth Push Radio Industry

Sometimes a look at week-old news brings focus. For this, let's go back to when Greater Media President and CEO Peter Smyth penned an excellent call to the radio industry. As was pointed to here, it remains to be seen if these are "just words" or the beginning of a sustained effort to dig radio out of its rut.

"This week he has every bit of the power needed to place those words into action..." Today we learn that this same Peter Smyth will become Chairman of the Radio Advertising Bureau's (RAB) Board of Directors. That's a powerful slot to fill, one that will give him an ability to turn his motivational comments of last week into a plan.

It will feel good to see radio regain a level of importance from Mr. Smyth's actions. He believes: "It is we who have let radio be reduced to a secondary medium in the eyes of agencies of all sizes across this nation, and it is we who now have work to do."

To further quote Mr. Smyth: "In the radio industry, we seem to be very good at announcements and new initiatives. This has to be different. This must be a sustained, multi-year education and selling program that reaches each and every station in our company and our nation."

Last week Peter Smyth was just a group head rallying the troops. This week he has every bit of the power needed to place those words into action, and the radio industry has everything to lose if he fails.

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