Song Distribution: Radio and Royalties

If the old system doesn't work you build a new one. Ours is RRadio Music, and it gets unknown artists airplay.

Thousands of musicians have received play on RRadio Music stations, Audio Graphics' "Intro to Indie Artists" programs and "Music Shorts." Distribution is through individual song requests, subscribing stations, iTunes, Google Play Music, and RSS.

Most musician dream of being cheered, like (pick your big name artist). Independet online radio station owners hope to build a following which rivals Pandora, Spotify or Soundcloud. In either group, how do you get established? During the first years of trying to build an audience what's your strategy?

Social media is today's powertool. Though everyone finds that tracking results is difficult, and time devoted to interacting with fans quickly fades.

Contacting individual stations has become futile. Finding out who to submit your music to is time consuming. Getting them to take time to listen is difficult. Without exposure by station or program, growing an artist's audience is impossible.

Song distribution must change; toward ways that give artists who are good - and just need to be heard - a shot at exposure.

A problem shared with artists is that options in covering expenses are slim for the typical online radio station. (Most only have ad sales, if they sell ads.) Smaller indie stations do not generate enough revenue to pay the performance royalty and publishing fees.

This has been a bottle-neck for unknown indie artists: If I'm a station and have to pay a performance royalty fee, you can bet that I'm paying it for playing a popular, well known artist's song. Why would I pay the same rate to play an unknown artist?

Artists reach many new ears without effort when they submit music with an RRadio Music waiver. Stations receive songs from these artists who have been screened for quality.

RRadio Music defeats today's song distribution problems. Station find new artists in an "Airplay for Exposure" environment.

The old system doesn't work. RRadio Music does.

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Killing Grace
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