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Monday, December 31, 2012
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Time for Talents to Pull Chat Room Shifts

(Publisher's Note: The following appeared at Audio Graphics on February 23, 2006.)

Not many words are needed to get this across, though the reaction to it will be filled with many words of expletive quality.

Radio air talent should be required to interact with listeners via station chat rooms [and social media]. Moreover, this should be an added daily shift of, minimally, 45 minutes.

With Instant Messaging [SM] and chat's growth, there is no better way to reach out in a personal way to those in the audience.

Quotes from Ken. Year, 2006:
If a radio station would offer it's advertisers the option of also
helping them with better search engine positioning, you'd find
more local merchants swinging back to radio.
Youth and cell phones are inseparable. Is there anyone in the
radio industry that doesn't see where this is a problem?
Tomorrow's media habits are being formed with cell phones
and text messaging taking center stage.
...there's not much evidence to support radio's move into today,
if you use "R&R Convention 06" as a measuring stick.
It is mind-numbing that the person who's been put in charge
of leading the HD Radio revolution is just now recognizing
satrad has established connections in Detroit.
Advertisers now buy eyeballs or ears easily, and radio is just
one part of their selection in reaching the masses.
While the radio industry has been keeping its eyes on satellite
radio as a major competitor, online radio is being embraced by
millions of new listeners.

Have a safe and merry holiday.

Ken Dardis

From the Archive:
Audio Graphics Report - circa 2005

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