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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Indie Artists in a Business World

Being an indie artist is a wonderful life, or it sucks! Getting paid to play is a dream nearly all artists follow. The goal is to sell songs and merchandise, perhaps ending with a cushy deal playing a short tour of bars that circle round your town every month. (If you're one of the few who make it big, there's a mansion and airplane waiting, with a mob of fans.)
"My goal is to rewrite how music is distributed, giving artists a shot at being found and online radio stations a chance to (easily) find quality songs."

All artists aim for the stars - as do folks in other careers. Just be prepared to enjoy the treetops because that's where the vast majority of independent artists end up. Be in the right mindset and there's nothing wrong with the view from there.

About that "sucks" part. Turning a realistic eye to being an independent artist means seeing the business side. You - and your band - are the "place of business." Your songs, tickets and T-shirts are the merchandise. The way you present yourself on stage is real-time marketing. All other business-related actions are either giant hurdles or mandated motions. View them as the former and you're doomed before leaving the practice room, as it's these "other business-related actions" that make the difference in how far you go.

You don't need anyone to say that music, as a career, is different than it was twenty years ago. I'd bet you don't really care what it was like back then. You live now and realize that the music distribution system is broken.

My goal is to rewrite how music is distributed, giving artists a shot at being found and online radio stations a chance to (easily) find quality songs. So far this has resulted in RRadio Music and "Intro to Indie Artists" programs.

362 radio stations have requested 5,020 RRadio Music artists' songs. 53 stations have requested 156 "Intro to Indie" programs.

Is this system perfect? I'll say "no." But it's quite a bit easier to get your song on an independent online station's playlist than getting it exposed on Pandora, Apple's iTunes Radio - or a Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS radio station.

What I enjoy most is helping indie artists step through the business side of their career. I started focusing on artists in 2003, and I'm the person you deal with; there's no support department, management team, etc.

Here are comments from a few artists and managers who are already onboard. I hope they convince you to give what Audio Graphics has a try:

"Thank you Ken, for all you do for artists!!!" - Mark Anderson
"Thank you for this opportunity Ken to get my music heard." - Ottrina Bond
"Ken is a guy who helps developing talent. Sometimes his job is thankless but we are truly appreciative of the efforts he has made on our behalf." - Black & White Group
"Thanks for all you are doing to get indie artists heard." - Gino Goss
"I appreciate your honesty." - Byron Andres (Manager)
"You don't know how much you have helped an independent artist like me!!!" - Michelle Simpson
"Thank you so much ken for the great opportunity, best ten dollars I ever spent." - Mitch Siegal
"I would like to congratulate you on the efforts and support you have given to my artist Fiona (Miss 2.1) and other Indie artist, Outstanding Service!!!" - Trenton Marshall, Sr.
"Roy and I would love to express how much we appreciate your work." - The Fry Brothers
"Can't thank you enuf for the exposure..." - Jeff Waters
"We are very pleased to have connected with you and to be part of RRadio team." - Chiwawa
"The RRadio Music program is by far the easiest and most lucrative program I've been involved with so far." - Under the Moon
"Thank you very much for what you do for indie artists, Mr Ken." - Golden Boy (Fospassin)
"Many thanks for your support Ken." - The Donald Anderson Band

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Today's indie introduction is to...
Spiritual music artist Skylar Kaylyn.
sample song
Happy Ever After

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Give Skylar Kaylyn's "Happy Ever After" a listen.

Add it to your playlist, free!

There's a large number of new talent waiting to be found, online.

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